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E-Book of The Mask of Unforgiveness

E-Book of The Mask of Unforgiveness

The Mask of Unforgiveness e-book recounts Andrea’s journey of forgiveness and the process the Lord took her through to move from bitterness to contentment in order to embrace His principals for her life.


In this book, Andrea explains:


  • Why it is hard to forgive;
  • How pride plays a part of unforgiveness;
  • How to control your thoughts towards your offender;
  • How to choose not to be repeatedly offended; and
  • Self-forgiveness is choosing to see yourself differently.


Forgiveness is the greatest gift of love and peace you can give yourself.


  • This e-book is for the purchasers use ONLY.

    Please do not email or share this e-book with others.  Thank you for your support.

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