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Who We Are

Andrea Bing Jamison, LLC’s life coaching and counseling will take you on a journey to discovery who you were created to be. Life coaching services are available to those who desire to move forward in areas in their lives where they feel stagnant and stuck. 

We will work together to uncover what is hindering you from achieving your goals. Some goals you may be trying to pursue are having healthy relationships, a fulfilled career, self-motivation, positive self-talk, forgiveness, making healthy choices, finding your purpose after a break-up, improving your parent/child relationship or increase spirituality. We will discover what is limiting you and cultivate
awareness for your life.


Andrea Bing Jamison, LLC life coaching will offer a secure and private space for you to transform into the best version of yourself.

If you are ready to conquer your challenges and leap over your hurdles, click on the link below and let’s embark on this journey of fulfillment together.

Your future depends on what you do TODAY!”


Are You Ready?

Who We Are

Andrea Bing Jamison, LLC offers life coaching and mental health counseling services to women who are tired of being controlled by situations that keep them from living fulfilled lives. The founder earned her master’s degree in Christian Counseling Cairn University, a Certification in School Counseling from Holy Family University, and a Certification in Life Coaching at Grand Canyon University. The founder’s approach is to 1) help women recognize the obstacles that hinder their lives; 2) inspire women to take a leap of faith over those obstacles; and 3) empower women to embrace the abundant live they deserve.

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